The Commodore

School Mascot: Commodore  

The symbol we use to represent this mascot is an anchor.  An anchor represents great strength and steadfastness. When a ship drops anchor it grounds itself, and secures itself, to a certain spot from which it will not move. It stabilizes itself from the waves, tides, currents and various other movements, which the sea may throw at it.  The anchor represents strength. Commodores are strong. We see this demonstrated every day with our students at Abramson. Our students don’t always have an easy path, but they persevere and prevail despite obstacles.

School Symbol: Chambered Nautilus

At ASA, the nautilus represents our belief in perseverance, growth and achievement. The nautilus is a beautiful sea creature considered to be a “living fossil” as it has survived the deep seas for more than 400 million years. The nautilus appeared about 265 million years before the first dinosaurs. The nautilus shell is like a ship that hosts a small shellfish. The shellfish inside creates chambers inside itself, but it can only live in one at a time. It starts in the smallest chamber, but then it grows. It gets too big for that chamber and has to go into the next one, so it slips through a little passage. Once you learn new information, you move on to the next level of thinking and you can’t go back.  This is the experience our students have each year when they advance from one grade to the next. 

Abramson Sci Academy