Mission & Values

Guided by a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Abramson Sci Academy strives to provide a comprehensive high school experience for all scholars. As Collegiate’s first school, Abramson Sci Academy is one of the highest performing open-enrollment schools in New Orleans serving grades 9-12. 

The mission of Abramson Sci Academy is to prepare all scholars for college success, equipped with the passion and tools to strengthen any community they choose.

All members of the Abramson Sci Academy community strive to achieve our mission with guidance from out six core values:

Achievement: We focus on results and do whatever it takes to accomplish our goals.

Respect: We treat every person and every thing as we want to be treated.

Responsibility: We look to ourselves to do what needs to be done.

Power: We take action because we know and believe in our capacity to help ourselves and others.

Teamwork: We all rise together. We make choices that help each other succeed.

Enthusiasm: We remain positive. We show our positivity. This positivity we show gives us strength.