I am proud to be a part of ASA’s student council. In middle school, I often felt as if my voice was unheard, but coming to ASA’s student council amplified the voice of those who could not speak for themselves Darian Trotter (℅ ‘21)Abramson Sci Academy has a unique history and a strong legacy. Sci Academy began as the first high school for Collegiate Academies in 2008. Sci Academy has been known for achieving extraordinary academic results and developing specialized programming to meet the needs of diverse learners.   Sci Academy spent it’s first two years at the Livingston Campus off Dwyer Road. In 2010 Sci Academy relocated to 5552 Read Blvd where it shared the current location with three other charter schools between 2010-2015. The new Marion Abramson High School building opened at 5552 Read Blvd in November of 2015. Sci Academy was the fortunate school to be assigned to this building by NOLA Public Schools.  Shortly after moving into the facility, Sci Academy welcomed home Marion Abramson Senior High School alumni and began the process of joining the history of Sci Academy with Abramson- taking on the Abramson name, creating new logos, mascots and adopting some of the wonderful traditions from Marion Abramson. The union of Sci Academy and Abramson helped combine all of their tradition and history to create a comprehensive high school rooted in the New Orleans East community.   We are Abramson. We are Commodores. 

On their first round of state assessments in 2009, our founding class ranked #2 in Math and #1 in English in the Recovery School District. Over the course of the following four years, our school grew one grade level each school year. As we grew, our students continued to outperform other district schools in standardized testing. In 2012, we graduated our founding class of seniors, 97% of whom gained admission to four-year colleges or universities. In the years that have followed, Abramson Sci Academy has continued to be one of the highest performing open-enrollment high schools in New Orleans. 

As Collegiate Academies’ flagship school, Abramson Sci Academy strives to provide a comprehensive high school experience for all scholars. Our team is guided by a commitment to academic excellence as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion. Among Abramson Sci Academy’s educators number several Collegiate Academies Featured Teachers and multiple teachers on the Honor Roll for TNTPs Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. We are proud to have a team that is truly devoted to excellence in serving all students.

More than 98% of all Abramson Sci Academy’s seniors are accepted into college. In 2010, we were recognized by Oprah’s Angel network with a $1,000,000 grant. In 2014, US News and World Report named Sci Academy the #2 high school in Louisiana. Our school has ranked in the top ten in academic growth citywide and statewide since our founding.

Abramson Sci Academy athletic teams include, football, boys/girls basketball, volleyball, and track, participate in leagues regulated by LHSAA. Our band, affectionately known as "The Beast From The East", dance, cheer, flag, and majorette teams get their steps in during Mardi Gras in multiple parades throughout the season, including Krewe of Orpheus and Krewe of Endymion. Our co-curricular and club opportunities include (but are not limited to) Theater, Choir, Student Council, Art, Geeks at Work, and LGBTQIA Alliance.